Spacetaker’s “SOLD OUT” Gala – 3.19.11

Come dressed in your best Ghoulish Glam or Sell-out Chic and party along with all your favorite artist sellouts at Spacetaker’s 7th Annual Gala entitled “SOLD OUT”.

Zombies, vampires, Bob Rosses, Thomas Kinkades, Arthur Murrays, Dan Browns, and a whole host of other bloodthirsty sellouts will enjoy a campy horror-themed evening featuring an over-the-top display of food, drink, music, dance, theatre, and art!

$125 VIP – Buy now
$60 Individual – Buy now
$75 at the door
Complimentary Valet

We’re raffling off two (2) round-trip tickets from Southwest Airlines (no blackout dates, good for anywhere Southwest flies in the U.S.). One lucky winner will get his/her name drawn on March 19th.

Amy Ell’s VAULT | Come See My Dead Person | Two Star Symphony | DJ: The Smooth Operator | Suchu Dance | Houston Metropolitan Dance Company | Fashion by Vico Puentes | Horror Salon

The Azuma Group | BRC Gastropub | Blue Coat Gin | Churrascos | Delectable P.I.E.S. | Dripping Springs Vodka | Frosted Betty Bakeshop | Jenni’s Noodle House | My Texas Spirits | Phoenicia Specialty Foods | Relish Fine Foods | Silver Eagle Distributors

The Honoree:
Jon Deal

002houston,, CultureMap, Culture Pilot, Eye Gallery, Jackson Walker LLP, LUSH, Momentum BMW, MyCityRocksQue Imaging, Southwest Airlines, Texas Art Asylum, The Modern Beauty Company, Wich Foundation, Winter Street Studios, Michelle & John Arnold, The Beitler Family, Amy Tanner & Susan Clifton, Adam Walker, and Michael & Nina Zilkha.

Gala Committee Chairs that Sold Out:
Jonathan Beitler | Carey Kirkpatrick | James Phelan

Gala Committee that Sold Out:
Lisa Benitez | Jennifer Brugh-Tanguy | Elaine Conway | Monica Danna | Natalie Davis | Elaine Dillard | Amy Ell | Nicole Haagenson | Courtney Hurst | Joel Luks | Sally Kolenda | Taft McWhorter | Michael Meazell | Nita Moore | Cynthia Miller | Grace Rodriguez | Alex Rosa | Amber Roussel | Mahek Shah | Mari Sokolowski | Teya Sparks | Amy Tanner | Steven Thomson | Mandy Trichell | Adam Walker | Julie Wilkes

Honorary Host Committee that Sold Out:
Alexis Andre | Yvonne Boustany | Catarina Cron | Cynthia Conner | Karen Grace Diaz | Chris & Sarah Dunn | Vika Filippov | Lori Freese | James Glassman | Jamie Glover | Vernon & Keri Henry | Lori & Javier Horvilleur | Saba Jawda | Sarah Jawda | Jenny McKinney | Nicole Mora | Beth Newhouse | Paul Pettie | Elia & Noah Quiles | Lanie Ratza | Elizabeth Sosa Bailey | Audrey Trotti | Wade Wilson | Aimee Woodall

Check out some of our entertainment!

Amy Ell’s VAULT:

Come See My Dead Person

Two Star Symphony

Suchu Dance

Houston Metropolitan Dance Company

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