Navigating through all the different forms of communication available to you can sometimes be as frightening as being stuck in the hedge maze in The Shining

But trust us when we say that it can get kind of overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. And while we wouldn’t tell you to start running around screaming like a crazy person a la Shelly Duvall, our approach is a two-fold system:

  1. Keep your message consistent, across all boards
  2. Be a thought leader

People are always looking for answers. Nothing exemplifies this more than thinking of a question, typing it into google, and seeing that not only has someone else asked it, but another person has responded to it:

Now you probably aren’t in the business of hedge maze building, but this is just an example to show you that the internet, especially interactive and social media, is likely the first place people turn to with their questions. Are you equipped to answer them?

Keeping your message frequent and consistent will allow you to build a following and be thought of as an expert in your field. We strongly believe that you must be an advocate… whether it’s for a type of lifestyle, a certain charity, or the need for a specific service… sticking to your guns and proving that you above anyone else has the answers is going to be your key to success. And we think you should have some fun doing it!

Do you have the firepower? Contact us today and we’ll arm you with all the ammunition you need

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