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“Tweetbooking” for Non-Profits: Creating a Successful Campaign

Just about everyone these days has either a Facebook or Twitter account, so going over the specifics on how to set one up, add friends, post stories, events, etc. is just being redundant. You’ve probably already created all your necessary social media accounts and have been on a good track towards gaining fans & followers… but you’ve noticed that you’re flatlining. The frequency you’ve been recruiting people to join your page has slowed down and maybe you’re noticing less “likes” or “re-tweets” than you previously had – well now is a perfect time to take a step back and review what you can do to improve your social media presence.

Obviously, most non-profit’s do not have a huge marketing budget – which is why ┬ásocial media’s zero-cost implementation is one of the most effective ways of online promotion. Continue reading

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Making a Difference Through Interactive Media

For most of history charitable organizations have been providing resources and support for the disadvantaged – starting with churches in biblical times, expanding in the late 1800s due to Josephine Shaw Lowell and the Charitable Organization Movement, and now exploding to over 1.5 million charities in the US alone. But for all the different types of causes that are benefiting, each of these organizations has one thing in common: FUNDRAISING.

Now more than ever charities and non-profits are having to compete for a piece of the donor pie. With the frequency of new 501(c)(3) organizations being created – think how many were set up after Hurricane Katrina or the earthquake in Haiti – your non-profit may get lost in the mix and potentially lose its donor base. Continue reading

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