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Finding the Golden Ticket

It’s around this time of year that our mailboxes become flooded with invitations to annual galas and fundraisers for a variety of non-profit organizations, each doing their part to help raise funds for worthy causes. But gazing through the flurry of Paper City photos and post-event Facebook pics, we often wonder – did that organization reach their target goals? They may have put on a spectacular party and wow-ed the crowd, but did they succeed in raising the number of dollars they intended to?

When it comes non-profit fundraising, one of the most important yet daunting challenges they face is garnering the support of businesses and corporations that will give cash sponsorships. Continue reading

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A “New” Type of Fundraising

While JBC won’t be kickin’ it at SXSW this year (I know, we’re sad too), we were lucky enough to attend a workshop last night at Spacetaker’s Artist Resource Center featuring representatives from two cutting-edge organizations leading the way in fundraising assistance for artists and small businesses alike – IndieGoGo and Fractured Atlas – before they made their way to present and party in Austin the next few days.

Needless to say, we were thoroughly impressed by what they have to offer.

A little background on these two organizations…┬áBased in New York but with a national reach, Fractured Atlas is a non-profit organization designed to help artists and arts organization function more effectively as businesses by providing them access to funding, healthcare, and education. Continue reading

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Making a Difference Through Interactive Media

For most of history charitable organizations have been providing resources and support for the disadvantaged – starting with churches in biblical times, expanding in the late 1800s due to Josephine Shaw Lowell and the Charitable Organization Movement, and now exploding to over 1.5 million charities in the US alone. But for all the different types of causes that are benefiting, each of these organizations has one thing in common: FUNDRAISING.

Now more than ever charities and non-profits are having to compete for a piece of the donor pie. With the frequency of new 501(c)(3) organizations being created – think how many were set up after Hurricane Katrina or the earthquake in Haiti – your non-profit may get lost in the mix and potentially lose its donor base. Continue reading

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